The software developers search engine for recruiters: Hire a Devy😇

What is HireADevy?

Some time ago I told myself that I wanted to create a recruitment search engine. So, HireADevy is the search engine for recruiters that I wanted to implement and now it is reality.

Look for developers

The primary purpose of HireADevy is to offer the possibility to recruiters specialized in the IT world to look for the perfect potential candidates for the job offers that they are working on. The search engine allows head hunters to search for software developers for free.

The search engine constantly feeds from GitHub’s user base. Each GitHub developer is stored together with the contacts and programming languages he knows, making it available through the search engine for headhunters. In this way, targeted searches can be carried out on the knowledge of the desired developer.

How HireADevy works?

As with many other search engines, for a headhunter to find the right software developer for his/her job offer, it is enough to put in the search bar the country or city to which the programmer must belong and the list of programming languages that programmer must know, HireADevy will take care of the rest. Examples of search keywords could be:

  • java france – to find a back-end developers in France;
  • java typescript italy – to find full stack software developers in Italy;
  • front-end italy – to find front-end developers in Italy;
  • back-end india – to find back-end software developers from India.

Keywords like software developer or simply developer are useless because already searches for software developers.

Recruiters can find the best job candidate on the search engine by using custom filters like location, programming languages, bio, company, fullname and username. Every user found contains at least a email or a LinkedIn url which allows a headhunter to keep in touch with the developer and organize an interview.

HireADevy could be visited here.

For further information about the search engine for developers please visit the HireADevy information page.

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