My software toys

Like, I believe, every programmer, I own my own projects, that I call my toys, in which I invest time to experiment with new technologies or reinforce the knowledge I already have.

Online toys (published)

GitHub toys


  • Cyberx Password Generator – chrome extension for password generation. Here there are further information.
  • Cyberx Content Matching – chrome extension that allows to check if a string is present in the content of a list of URLs. Here there are further information.

Java + React (TypeScript)

  • OSDentStudio back-end – the back-end side of dental office manager application. Go to source code.
  • OSDentStudio front-end – the fornt-end side of dental office manager application. Go to source code.

Java + React (TypeScript)

  • MicroJobs back-end – Micro Jobs is a small platform that allows users to offer or to request services in return for money. This is the fornt-end side. Go to source code.
  • MicroJobs font-end – the fornt-end side of MicroJobs. Go to source code.

Rust + React (TypeScript)

  1. AtenaDB – search engine intended for headhunters to help them search for the best candidate for the job vacancies they are working on. Project website:
  2. Dev-Board – kanbanflow project management application implemented in Rust and React.
    • link for the front-end
    • link for the back-end

Node.js (JavaScript) + React (JavaScript)

  1. todo-list-react – a to do list implemented in React with user registration/authentication;
  2. todo-list-node – the server side implemented using Node.js of the SPA to do list;

Spring Boot (Java) + Angular (TypeScript)

  1. JLock – java library that allows you to prevent more than one instance of an application from running at the same time;
  2. q-manager-core – a questionnaire manager implemented in java (Spring Boot and hibernate);
  3. q-manager-console – software application implemented in java using q-manager-core; allows you to create and manage questionnaires from the command line;
  4. bus-line-manager – bus line manager implemented in java (Spring boot, hibernate, Postgres, GraphQL);
  5. horoscope – a digital oracle implemented in java which has the function of making forecasts, in theory, cheerful (Spring boot, hibernate, mysql);
  6. t-bot – quite complex project consisting of several modules, born with the aim of mainly managing RSS bots (Angular, Spring boot, hibernate);
  7. memorize – video game implemented in java using AWT and Swing;

Laravel ( PHP)

  1. laratweet – twitter-like software application written in PHP using the laravel framework;


  1. a-space-odyssey – video game prototype created a long time ago written in JS;

All of my software toys are collected here.