How is the HireADevy search engine made up?

HireADevy is a complex of software applications. In particular, the search engine for recruiters currently consists of:

The Bot Application

The Bot application is the heart of HireADevy. It is responsible for the users’ collection and their cataloguing. The bot works day and night to collect more and more information from the programmers present in the great sea of GitHub.

The Server Application

The server applciation is another important piece of the search engine puzzle. The server is responsible for providing search results. The bot was implemented using Rust.

The Web Application

The Web Application is responsible for displaying the data. It also allows users to interact with the id HireADevy software complex. In other words, the Web Application is the website The Web Application was implemented using TypeScript with React and Chakra UI.

The Linux Application

The Linux Application offers an alternative to the website, always allowing you to search for programmers from all over the world based on the keywords you enter. The Linux Application was implemented using Dart and Flutter framework.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application was developed but was never published. It represents an alternative to the website and application for Linux. The Mobile Application was developed using Dart and Flutter framework.