Cyberx Content Matching

What is Cyberx Content Matching?

Cyberx Cotnent Matching is a chrome extension and a text matching tool that allows to search for one or more keywords in the content of a list of URLs. Cyberx Content Matching analyzes the content of a webpage by searching for the keywords inserted by the user. If a match is found, then the “Matching” field will show the matching URL.

How it works?

For example, I need to know if the content of my list of websites contains the kewords “Andrei Dodu”, So that I will insert in the regex field “Andrei Dodu”, then I will paste a list of websites in the “URLs to process (one url per page)” field, and finally i will set the sleep time to 3, in order to process the next url in 3 seconds. After that I will press on the start button and wait that process finishes. While processing URLs, the application will show in real time if it was found a matching or a non-matching url.


Cyberx Content Matching could be downloaded from the Google Chrome Store.