What are the technologies I have worked with?

Principally I worked as a J2EE developer. I used the following technologies/tools:

Frameworks: Spring, Struts, JSF (with PrimeFaces), CodeIgniter, Laravel, Angular 2, AngularJS

RDBMS: Oracle, MySQL

Programming languages: Java, PHP, C, PL/SQL, TypeScript, JavaScript

Persistence frameworks: Hibernate, MyBatis

Application servers: Oracle WebLogic, JBoss Wildfly

Servlet containers: Apache Tomcat, Jetty

UI: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery

IDE: Eclispe, WebStorm, PHPStorm

DB Managers: TOAD, MySQL Workbench

Software project management tools: Maven

Distributed version-control system: GIT, TFS

Other technologies: JasperReports, EJB

OS: Windows, Linux