How to run multiple projects on eclipse at the same time

If you work on a microservice architecture, you probably need to run multiple projects at once. In this tutorial I will show you how to configure eclipse in order to click on a button and run some projects at the same time.

Click on Run > Run Configurations… then click with the right mouse button on the Launch Group and select New Configuration, give a name and add your projects by pressing on the Add button.

Launch Group – Launches tab

In the Common tab, check Debug and Run in the Display in favourites menu section.

Launch Group – Common tab

The most interesting thing is that we can make eclipse to start a build and wait until it finishes and after that run all of our microservices. All of these things ca be done by clicking on a single button.

Let’s see how to do that. First of all, in the Launches tab, click on the Add button select your Maven build launcher from the Maven Build list.

In the Post launch action select box choose Wait until terminated and press on Ok. Next you should add all Spring Boot Apps below your maven build launcher.