Good morning, Dave…

I just finished to watch the Independence Day movie (1996) for the umpteenth time. I love this movie. One of my favourite movie scene is when Dave uploads the virus to the alien spaceship. In this particular scene he turns on his notebook, which says “Good Morning, Dave…”, then he types some keys and finally uploads the virus. So that I decided to make my personal computer more talkative. In particular I want to make my PC to say “Hello, Andrei”. On my notebook I have Ubuntu, so that I will explain how to make more sociable your Ubuntu at startup.

First of all we need convert a text to MP3, so that I found this website which allows you to input a text, select your favourite voice and download the conversion in “voice format”.

In the next step you should install mpg123 in order to play mp3 files from command line.

sudo apt install mpg123

We should add our command that plays the sound at the system startup.

Open Startup Applications and add a new item. In the command box, write the following row. Remember to replace the path with your mp3 file path.

mpg123 /home/[username]/sounds/Hello_Andrei.mp3

Now, you can reboot your Ubuntu…